Boat culture

TBB’s latest team-building outing: Watersports on Salford Quays.

After one of the busiest months yet at TBB towers, the crew swapped the office for Salford Quays.

We threw ourselves, quite literally, in at the deep end when we signed up for a day of unknown team-building activities…

There were certainly a few apprehensive faces as the team turned up to the cold waters of the Quays with absolutely no idea as to what the afternoon of team building involved. There was no going back once the wetsuits were on (not only because they were a pain to get on), as the team grew to discover that they were to take on paddleboarding and the slackline, and not building rafts as first suspected!

Competitive to say the least, two teams headed out on to the water – with Doug and Andy heading up each one – with two huge paddleboards in tow. It wasn’t long before the team were trying to push one another in and the whole crew had swallowed half of Salford Quays.

We then moved on to slacklining, which is a bit like a tightrope walk but instead of balancing on a thin rope or wire you walk along a flat webbing anchored at each end of the water. The material had a fair amount of flex in the line, so it became springy when you stepped on… And everyone impressively managed to conquer it.

We were then given the zipline and shown how to kneeboard. However, every one of us – aside from Andy and Joe who managed to get up – opted to bodyboard.

We were told that being on the water for two hours roughly burns 800-1200 calories, which only meant one thing… The day had to finish with a pint and lots…and lots of food at Craftbrew.

Here’s to our Christmas do…!

Written by Emma Heslop
Emma is at the helm of some our key accounts. She keeps a cool head at all times and gets the job done.