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The Bigger Boat partners with leading headless CMS Storyblok.

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve achieved Storyblok partner status!

The Bigger Boat has joined forces with Storyblok, a leading headless content management system (CMS) that helps businesses bridge the gap between content creators and developers, enabling ease of use for all involved in the content creation and upload process. The partnership will be hugely beneficial for the crew and, with such an innovative approach to website builds, looks set to open up many opportunities for our clients.

What is Storyblok?
This API-driven content management system utilises a powerful and feature-rich visual editor that takes advantage of a brand’s own front-end framework – baked directly into its dashboard to see changes in real-time. Content can be managed through modular bite-sized chunks, called ‘bloks’ and arranged in content types called ‘stories’. 

Storyblok is ideal for use by developers, marketers and content editors alike, meaning our teams can run at increased productivity and fulfil their respective roles. It’s little wonder Storyblok is our content management system of choice and we’re excited for what the future holds.

What the partnership means for our crew
Becoming a Storyblok partner means The Bigger Boat has unlocked a wealth of features and support that isn’t initially available to the general Storyblok customer. We’ve gained access to the ‘partner portal’, which gives us the freedom to develop websites and applications in a sandbox environment. This freedom will inevitably help us when it comes to developing solutions for our clients.

Storyblok and The Bigger Boat are working together to advocate headless architecture, and raise awareness of its benefits over a traditional CMS

Putting our clients at the forefront of their industries
The partnership vastly accelerates our web development service. The flexibility and features unlocked by the partnership equip our development team with a more efficient method to build wholly bespoke solutions for our clients.

The Storyblok platform complements our modular workflow between design and development, meaning we can isolate blocks of content down to component level and involve the entire team in visual or functional changes to a project before it goes live. This will increase our efficiency, as well as the quality and the accuracy of our work. The partner program takes this to another level too – we have the freedom to play around with the platform for free and without commitment until a client is ready to go live. What’s more, we’ve access to all Storyblok’s training material, resources and information on its own platform, as well as headless architecture in general, and can use unlimited Storyblok spaces for free! This means we’re fully informed and have the expertise to answer any questions a client might have about the platform, and explain why Storyblok really is the best choice.

The crew is already making great use of the partnership and working hard on a few projects that use the CMS. Keep your eyes peeled in the next few months, as we unveil the work we’ve done for our clients and highlight what the Storyblok platform is capable of. 

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Written by John Bell
An experienced web developer on multiple platforms. John takes like a boat to water on any project, no matter how big or small.