Boat culture

VR & AR Demo Day at The Bigger Boat.

We were lucky enough to have booked virtual & augmented reality experts Spearhead to come to visit TBB Towers in early December. Originally this was planned to be a demo for the crew, however, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to get some of our clients involved and start to think of ways they could incorporate this into their businesses.

Spearhead Interactive specialises in immersive and interactive content, virtual and augmented reality experiences and the development of innovative, high-tech solutions. Dan, from spearhead, gave us an overview of just a couple of the possibilities of the technology in both the B2B & B2C marketplace. With everything from project mapping, 360 video tours & smart sensors, there was little left to the imagination from our demo day. We certainly were blown away and are so excited to get involved with this technology in 2018.

We’ve already had discussions with a number of our clients and ideas about how they could begin to incorporate this into their business processes to not only be seriously ahead of the technology game, but most importantly save themselves a huge amount of time and money. If you want to discuss virtual, augmented or emerging technology then please feel free to contact us or Spearhead Interactive!

Written by Ruby Ribbons
Account manager, social secretary and resident 'baller'.