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Welcome aboard – Carrie Webb.

Wordsmith Carrie Webb joined the crew as a senior writer earlier this year. Here, she discusses all things content, her big move from journalism into digital marketing and explains why working among the cows is good for her career and soul.

Having been written word-obsessed since primary school, I almost felt I had no choice in where my eventual career would take me. As if it was mapped out in the stars, the ensuing school years and further education would be devoted to my becoming a journalist and putting my passion for writing into print. My English with journalism degree, which I studied at Huddersfield University, stood me in good stead for further journalism training and a career writing for some great regional and national newspapers and magazine titles.

After gaining a qualification from the National Council for the Training of Journalists following an intensive 17-week course, I fulfilled another childhood dream and backpacked around Australia for three months. But the call of home was loud and I soon settled into working life having accepted a role at the Press Association. It was here where I landed on my feet as a feature writer in the TV and Showbiz department, interviewing stars of the silver and small screen and penning features for the UK’s press. Alas, I got the seven-year itch, as my attention began to turn towards marketing and, alongside my full-time work, I studied for a marketing diploma before heading to Leeds-based digital marketing agency Stickyeyes. As a writer in the content and PR team, I gained a wealth of digital marketing experience and a detailed understanding of how each strand of digital marketing influences content and vice versa.

I came to The Bigger Boat in May of this year. I’ve since spent my time sinking my teeth into content strategy for TBB, as well as planning and creating our clients’ content offering. It’s a fantastic role to come into and an amazing opportunity to really demonstrate the power of the written word and help to show just how far content marketing can take brands. I’m enjoying working on print finishing company Celloglas’ current projects and delivering content and ad copy for Little Tikes – a brand that’s close to my heart (I have a 19-month-old daughter). Plus, I’m learning something new each day and stepping out of my comfort zone with web design and development.

I’m excited for a future with The Bigger Boat – it’s a great time to join the company. The lovely, talented crew is growing and the client work is proving extremely rewarding. And if there’s a better office base than among the beautiful Mirfield countryside, I’ve yet to find it. Hearing the moans of the cows on the doorstep is one sure-fire way to keep writer’s block at bay.

Written by Carrie Webb
A life-long lover of the written word, Carrie is your go-to for compelling content that resonates with your audience.