Boat culture

Welcome aboard Ewan.

SEO manager Ewan Burkinshaw joined the crew to transform our SEO offering and get the most out of client campaigns. Here, he discusses his history, hobbies and ambitious plans for the future.

Despite moving all over the country, including High Wycombe, Sheffield and Somerset, I have ended up back in my hometown of Wakefield. I studied Creative Writing and English Literature at Buckinghamshire New University. After graduating, I let the wind blow me wherever it wanted for a few years before pulling my socks up and getting a job in an internal marketing team writing website content.

This was my first introduction to marketing and SEO. From there, I landed a role in an agency where I stayed for the next five years. Originally, I was an account manager, but quickly found myself leaning naturally towards SEO. I took it upon myself to completely overhaul the agency’s SEO offering and was then made SEO manager.

I carried on embedding and improving the agency’s SEO service but eventually felt the need to change and jumped aboard The Bigger Boat. It’s been great so far at TBB. There is such a wealth of knowledge and the team is so enthusiastic. It’s made my role of developing and improving the SEO offering so much easier. Part of the reason I joined TBB is because I wanted to keep on learning, and with the team here I get the chance to do that every day.

Starting my role during lockdown has been interesting and, as I am the first SEO manager at TBB, it’s not been without its challenges. However, the team and I recently looked over the past six months of campaigns and there have been some great results for brands like Baby Annabell, BABY born, Little Tikes and Major Golf Direct.

In contrast to my desk-based role, I try to be as active as possible outside of work. Cycling has been part of my life for as long as I can remember but I’ve also competed in strongman, powerlifting and weightlifting. Along with this, I spent a few years trail and fell running, which included a 32-mile ultramarathon around the Peak District, the Yorkshire Three Peaks a couple of times, and a notoriously sketchy hiking route in Scotland called The Ring of Steall.

I also like to use my hands to make and fix things and usually have one or two silly boy projects on the go. A current obsession is greenwood carving. I find it almost meditative with hours passing while I sit and carve. To then finish with a useful, and sometimes beautiful, object is a lovely little bonus.

As for what the future holds, I’m looking forward to getting back in to the office more. At the time of writing, there is still a handful of team members I haven’t met. Then, there are all the parts needed to turn TBB into an SEO powerhouse in the future, so I’m looking forward to pushing hard and driving the team towards that, while always getting the best results possible for all our clients.

Written by Ewan Burkinshaw
Our technical SEO specialist is behind all SEO strategy and works tirelessly to help clients achieve significant organic growth.