Boat culture

Welcome aboard Max Singh.


University student Max joined The Bigger Boat crew during the summer when he began a year-long internship. Here, we get to know the newcomer a little better, as he explains which studies he’s passionate about and considers what the future might hold for him.

During my early education I was always interested in ICT/computing and in my two years at college, I further developed these interests while gaining a major interest in media studies. This led me to taking Digital Media Computing at university as it encompassed both of these interests.

Having travelled the country visiting various universities, I decided that Birmingham City University was the best for me as the course it offered had the balance of practical media and IT/computing that I was looking for. This meant moving out of little old Huddersfield and to the big city! Birmingham treated me well and I enjoyed having the freedom to do so much more both with my education but also with my free time being in such a big city. University was definitely the right choice for me. Towards the end of my first year, one of my professors mentioned the benefits of doing a placement year and this got me thinking… What did I actually want to do after university let alone during a placement year?

I had put no thought into what career path specifically I wanted to take – only that it would be something in the ‘digital’ sector as that is what I enjoyed the most. I did some research and stumbled across digital marketing. Long story short, I applied to a bunch of places for various digital marketing internships doing different stuff but then got talking to my cousin who put me in touch with Andy at TBB. I went in for a casual chat with Andy followed by a week’s work, which we both agreed would be beneficial as it would allow me to get a taste for the type of work I’d be doing. This went really well and Andy offered me the internship.

The best thing I like about doing my placement year at TBB is the fact I can work between sectors and get a real taste for the creative, web and digital marketing sectors, which I may not have been able to do at a different company. The first two months have gone well and I’m looking forward to learning more and hopefully having a better idea of what I want to do after university.

During my free time I love going to the gym and lifting weights, pushing myself to be the strongest I can be. I also like to play video games (for hours and hours) and socialising with my pals over a beer or 10.

I intend to go back to university in September 2020 to complete my degree and graduate and pursue my career, whatever that may be.

Written by Kara Clifford
Design perfectionist Kara adds creative flair to all our projects. Her skills lie in print, branding and moving image.