Boat culture

Welcome aboard Mike Hargreaves.

Content writer Mike joined the crew last year to provide engaging, industry-leading copy to our clients. Here, he discusses what brought him onboard, and what he hopes to achieve at The Bigger Boat.

I grew up on a small council estate in Wigan – a former mining town equidistant to Manchester and Liverpool – and had a fairly standard upbringing. I kept to myself, cruised through school, and had no idea what to do with my life.

Whether it was helping out on a fruit-and-veg market stall, cold-calling people about PPI, or pointing 10k runners in the right direction, it quickly become clear that, if I didn’t expand my horizons, I’d be dealing with melons forever. Initially, I thought I could do this through sport and dedicated almost all my time to Thai-boxing. While I competed to a decent level and fought some lads who are now internationally established names, it wasn’t something I wanted to do forever. Instead, I decided to work towards a degree that would give me a clear career path and a guaranteed job afterwards. But in the end, I chose English Literature with Creative Writing.  

I studied at the University of Huddersfield, graduated with a first, and continued to a Masters. During this time, I was president of the Thai-boxing society, had a few short stories published, and found a job I actually enjoyed – freelancing for a digital marketing agency. Some years later, when I noticed The Bigger Boat was on the lookout, I jumped ship and climbed onboard.

During my first few months, I’ve been getting to grips with the amazing range of clients and engrossing myself in their industries to provide the best possible content. I’ve particularly enjoyed working under head of content Carrie Webb and learning new things from the team every day. In the future, I’m hoping to build processes and a level of trust with SME clients and take more autonomy in publishing content, allowing them to do what they do best without needing to sign off each piece we produce. I’m also looking forward to continuing with my own creative writing and hopefully getting a short-story collection finished in the next few years.

Written by Mike Hargreaves
Creative writer Mike strengthens our growing content offering. He’s focused on raising clients’ profiles via great-quality content.