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Welcome aboard Steven Powers.

Steven Powers joined the crew earlier this year to bolster our now five-man web development team. He’s since gotten involved in some exciting web projects and has enjoyed taking advantage of our glorious office surroundings. Here, he talks about his time with TBB and what he’s most looking forward to with the crew.

Hi, I’m Steven.

I was born in 1991 to a family that ran a web company so was introduced to computers and the internet at a relatively early age. I remember dialling up to a modem, listening to it squawk for 20 minutes, and spending hours on these amazing Microsoft interactives about animals. I never expected that one day I would be able to make one myself.

I went to Shelley High School in Huddersfield but was never a good pupil. I didn’t take to the traditional education system and left school without a real sense of what to do next. Feeling lost, I decided I had to do something and knew that it was technically possible to get paid making websites so I taught myself how to code.

After learning to code, I did some freelance work but I needed a real career so started getting jobs in web development. At first, it was rough, and I was even considering alternative ways to make money. I threw out some last-ditch CVs before bidding farewell to the dream of ever making anything of it. As fate would have it, Lee invited me for an interview and gave me a job at The Bigger Boat.

I love everything about The Bigger Boat and haven’t looked back since. I have not only become a much better coder in the last nine months but I’m growing as a person and I’m excited to see where I will be in a year’s time.

Currently, I’m very passionate about health and fitness and, other than my job, that is what I am dedicated to right now. I spend most of my hours outside of work running around the place, to or from the gym, or cooking food. I grew up in Huddersfield but never really appreciated the beauty of the surrounding area until recent years. I’m also looking to go on plenty of weekend adventures to Europe but as of the time of writing this I’m pretty locked down due to COVID-19. My favourite thing is a midnight run into the middle of nowhere.

Moving forward with TBB, my goal is to keep improving myself and hopefully bring more value to the team.

Written by Steven Powers
It’s all about performance for web developer Steven. He’s behind some of our most fascinating builds.