Boat culture

Welcome aboard Tonicha.

Tonicha Barton is our new junior account manager and joins us straight out of her studies at the University of Huddersfield. Here, Tonicha discusses what brought her on board and her first few months as a crewmate.

As a child, I hated living in a little village in the middle of nowhere. But looking back, Barkisland was one of the nicest places I’ve ever lived. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of life, which is probably why I love the countryside and exploring the outdoors so much. Although, I am partial to a weekend city break every now and then.

At Sixth form, I studied English Language, Performing Arts, Biology and Chemistry – a complete mixed bag and one that really does represent how muddled I was feeling at the time. It took practically failing my Biology A-level to realise I was doing it for all the wrong reasons, and that I loved being both calculating and creative. Instead, I decided to study Media Studies and Economics & Business. The combination of the two really did spark my enthusiasm for communications and interest in how audiences can be targeted to feel and think certain things. After the trauma of Sixth Form, I decided I would take myself on a well-deserved break to the other side of the world and do nothing for the next three months in Australia. This truly gave me the kick I needed to get my act together and figure out some sort of plan for my future career.

Fast forward to 2018 when I enrolled on my undergraduate degree at the University of Huddersfield, studying BA (Hons) Advertising and Marketing Communications over the next few years. I am a complete creature of habit and love my home comforts, so the decision to live at home whilst studying was a no brainer and I don’t regret a single second of it. My first two years at university flew by, then 2020 happened and the Covid-19 pandemic really threw a spanner in the works. Adapting to learning over Zoom and writing my final dissertation remotely was really tough but I’m now on the other side and feel very proud of myself for not giving up. However, I definitely don’t plan on doing it again anytime soon.

In the midst of the stress of final year, the opportunity to become a crew member at The Bigger Boat (TBB) came along and it was too good of an opportunity to let sail by. The idea of diving into the Digital Marketing world within an agency like TBB really appealed to me, as I love working collaboratively and surrounding myself with enthusiastic, creative people. From planning to development, I have learnt so much in the first three months in my role as Junior Account Manager, supporting on major accounts such as Zapf Creation UK with their social media presence, learning to navigate and adapt from one CMS platform to another whilst populating content and ensuring that our communication touchpoints are seamless across all accounts by conducting communication journey audits.

The team here at The Bigger Boat have been so welcoming. Nothing has been too much to ask or pester them about (yet!) and I am really excited about what’s to come. There are so many great projects already in the works at TBB, which I can’t wait to get stuck in to, developing my knowledge and obtaining new skills to help me continue my personal development alongside this lovely bunch! 

Written by Tonicha Barton
Tonicha's can-do attitude makes her a key player within the crew. Ready to get stuck in at all times means she always gets the job done.