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Welcome aboard Vlad Nikolov.

Vlad Nikolov

Web developer Vlad Nikolov joined The Bigger Boat crew at the beginning of 2020 – just before working life as we knew it changed with the COVID-19 outbreak. Here, he discusses the experiences and career that’s led him to us and highlights what he’s been working on since joining.

My friends describe me as a pragmatic person, and maybe exactly that trait of mine has led me to the IT industry and more specifically working as a web developer. My ultimate life goal is to create experiences, and I can confidently say that a website can be highly functional and practical when it comes to creating an experience for the user. I can give countless examples, but let’s just say that the web can be viewed both as art and science.

I grew up in a small town in Bulgaria. Nothing much to do there but luckily I was growing up in the boom of the technology era. My passion for everything technology-related probably started with my first video games and computer experience when I was seven years old. Later on, in high school, I took the task of building a website for our class. It was something like a forum, but the most amateurish forum you’ll ever see! Some time passed and I had to decide where I wanted to study after high school. My main options were a music conservatory, a software university or somewhere abroad. As a typical teenager, I had a lust for life so I took the risk and applied for a couple of universities in the United Kingdom, and a couple of months later I got accepted to study Web Design and Technology at the University of Bradford as my first choice! Most people would say it was risky or foolish, but I really wanted to take the leap. I would say that leap was the cornerstone of my professional and personal life.

My university years were great. With a strong passion for music and sports, I took part in the archery, volleyball and music societies at the university. I worked for numerous IT-related companies as a part-time employee during my university years, which all worked toward my web experience. After graduation, I got employed by one of my lecturers as a junior web developer at his web agency based in Manchester. I got some great experience there.

I remember applying for a placement year at The Bigger Boat two years earlier before actually getting employed here, so giving it a second try really paid off! The COVID-19 outbreak happened two months into my employment so we had an interesting turn. At first, working remotely from home was weird but I quickly got used to it as a web developer. I’ve worked on numerous projects since I joined, but the main ones were Burhouse, BABY born and Baby Annabell. I would say I’ve had my biggest professional growth since I joined and finally had some real and professional industry experience, which will carry through my whole life. Working with such highly creative and ambitious people has been an inspiring experience. It all contributes to my much-needed creative buzz!

I’m looking forward to all the opportunities and further growth I’ll have at The Bigger Boat. We’ve been really busy during the COVID-19 pandemic and we’re getting ready for the post-pandemic technological growth!

Written by Kara Clifford
Design perfectionist Kara adds creative flair to all our projects. Her skills lie in print, branding and moving image.