Where does the new logo come from?


We’ve had some great feedback on our new logo, but many of you have asked where the inspiration came from. The icons were inspired by a range of navy signal prints created by artist Hana Tanimura, which you can see on her website.

We loved the prints so much that we purchased the letters T, B and B, as we often refer to ourselves as TBB (TBB are the initials of ‘The Bigger Boat’ for those of you who are half asleep!) and, as those who know us are well aware, we can’t resist any kind of seafaring memorabilia!

Once we’d framed and hung the prints at TBB towers we quickly came upon the idea to use the iconic symbols as the basis for our new brand identity – we even got permission from the artist herself who was delighted!

So for those of you who have been asking, we hope that’s answered your question and if you’re looking for a brand identity with some real meaning behind it, give us a shout – it’s what we’re good at!

Written by Doug Main
Co-founder Doug’s obsession for typography and killer attention to detail result in brilliantly unique, creative concepts for our clients.