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The crew talks: 12 reasons to love working at The Bigger Boat.

It’s a happy 12th birthday to us! And we aren’t about to let the occasion go unmarked without hearing from some of the crew.

We’re now a 20-strong team with an array of clients, occasional office dogs and a shared obsession with great food. Plus, we’re looking forward to welcoming an old crewmate back onboard and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. 

A lot has happened during 12 years of The Bigger Boat, and we continue to evolve and grow. We’re proud to have helped create brands, improve and develop crewmates past and present and welcome new clients to the family. One thing for sure is that we relish playing a part in businesses’ and individuals’ growth and success – and we’ve no plans to slow down.

Here, we ask the crew what they each love the most about life onboard TBB.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Simple one from me – the team! Everybody here is seriously talented but, more than that, they are enthusiastic! This means there is a constant drive to do the best job possible. Couple that with open minds and we produce brilliant work. And they’re all good people. The people make the place and it’s a great place to be.
Ewan Burkinshaw, SEO manager

I’ve not been here long but within my first couple of days at The Bigger Boat I knew I’d made the right decision taking a job. My favourite thing is the culture – I’m surrounded by people who take their job seriously, but they don’t take themselves too seriously. We work hard but we have a laugh while we do it. Every day there is something new to laugh about. I leave the office feeling productive but never tired, because there’s always something new and exciting going on.
Izzy Massey, account manager

I love working among a talented crew (a second family) where our combined skills make an awesome whole.
Charlotte Allen, senior UI UX designer

I think the people here are great. I’ve been here a while, and people come and go, but there’s always a good bunch here. Everyone’s always very approachable when I need a helping hand.
Mark Jenkins, paid search manager

Flexibility and variety keep it interesting

I love the flexibility! It’s essential for a company to be loyal to its employees and that’s what The Bigger Boat achieves really well. As a developer, I love working on different projects, tackling new challenges, and coming up with new ideas that improve the workflow and efficiency of our services.
Vlad Nikolov, web developer

I really appreciate the variety in our day-to-day work. We work with some great clients on interesting and inspiring projects – and it’s extremely rewarding. As a writer, that variety, and getting the opportunity to become so involved in a client’s business that we feel the same passion they do, is what keeps creativity ticking over and makes the job so enjoyable.
Carrie Webb, head of content

I feel lucky to work on such an amazing portfolio of clients in a wide array of sectors. It keeps my job exciting!
Kara Clifford, graphic designer

Expertise, but make it fun

You can’t beat our fun lunches – we know how to throw one (for clients too)! Food is undoubtedly one thing that cements the whole crew!
Grace Lenihan, senior account manager and social media strategist

Coming to work has to be enjoyable – we do spend quite a lot of time doing it. For me, it’s being part of a great team, feeling valued and working with like-minded people who want the best for their teammates and their clients. I love working with growing businesses that value what we do and make it fun along the way!
Emma Heslop, account director

Our values still ring true

One of my favourite things is to look back at where we started and where we are now. We let the crew create initiatives and are proud to have mini-leaders throughout the company. We’re now attracting talent rather than us having to go looking for it, and I think that speaks volumes about the business and culture we have created.
Doug Main, creative director

I still get a kick out of the same thing I did 12 years ago: making improvements to clients’ digital marketing campaigns and seeing the results. Driving more traffic, leads and sales for clients is as important to me now as it was in 2010.
Andy McCaul, managing director

I love that I learn something new every single day.
Alison Lee, account director

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Written by Grace Lenihan
Planning pro and social strategist Grace knows exactly how to get people talking about your brand in the spaces that matter.