The Bigger Boat is a specialist in bespoke WordPress design and development.

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world, used on everything from simple blogs to government websites. It’s a flexible, trusted system that can easily be adapted to suit most project briefs. It’s often the CMS we recommend to our clients.

WordPress design and development

We design and build WordPress websites that engage your target audience and, importantly, drive leads or sales. A successful website means you have to get everything right from the outset – that’s architecture, design, content and development. Across our WordPress website design company, we have vast experience in all elements of the build, which is why our websites generate such great ROI.

Bespoke WordPress websites

We don’t use pre-built WordPress themes – everything we create is bespoke design and development based on client requirements. The majority of our bespoke WordPress websites are for the B2B market, helping successful businesses better communicate, engage and sell to their target audience. Because WordPress is such a flexible system, it’s more than capable of handling everything from lead generation for a regional client, to multi-lingual international websites for global brands.

For more complicated projects, we may be asked to integrate a WordPress website with a third-party system. Sometimes that can be done efficiently via a plugin, and sometimes it’s not possible because the platform we need to talk to is too niche. The bespoke integration is typically done one of two ways: through an API or using more traditional CSV file sharing. We have expertise in both, but we prefer and recommend connecting systems through an API.

Custom WordPress CMS

The back end of WordPress can be left as standard or heavily customised, depending on the requirements. At TBB, we prefer to customise WordPress to make managing content more logical and straightforward for the client.

We design and develop front-end features in a block or modular-based approach, which is easily edited and adapted in the back end of WordPress. Each front-end element can be applied to any page, making it easier to create campaign landing pages in the future, without needing to re-design and develop pages.

Security and support

Like any CMS, WordPress needs to be kept up to date to ensure it’s as secure as possible. Updating WordPress can be problematic if the website is not built in a way that’s sympathetic to core updates, or if it uses a large amount of plugins. Any one plugin can cause an issue during a version update. We’ve been developing in WordPress for many years so we know the pitfalls of this process and how to guide our clients. We provide a hosting plus service, which includes annual hosting and all version updates for one fixed cost. We also provide monthly support and digital marketing services for WordPress websites.

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