Shopify agency.

We’re a Shopify agency, providing bespoke web design and development services.

Why pick us as your Shopify agency?

We’re a Yorkshire-based Shopify development agency, with clients predominantly in the UK. In addition to web design and development, we also provide marketing services to Shopify clients, such as SEO, paid search, content marketing and social media management.

As an ecommerce agency, we’ve got over 10 years’ experience designing and developing solutions on ecommerce platforms. Design and UX is always about best practice and small improvements and all that experience is transferrable to any platform as core ecommerce expertise.

Shopify has some excellent core features. Designing and developing websites on this platform is very much about harnessing those features and adopting an evolution, not revolution, approach.

The benefits of Shopify

Shopify has nailed the ‘quick-to-market’ approach to ecommerce. It’s really easy to sign up for Shopify, get a theme and start selling products, as quickly as the same week. Many businesses have latched on to that simplicity and speed in the last 12 months, so Shopify usage in the UK has seen a big increase.

Another area where Shopify is strong is website speed and scalability. The platform is sold as SaaS with hosting and the payment gateway included. Shopify scales as you need it, allowing you to cope with increased demand at short notice, with no downturn in load speed. Base functionality can be extended through Apps, although, as with anything, there is a cost. Shopify’s model is monthly fees and % commission (compared to one-off costs that you might have with WooCommerce, for example). Quite often the annual costs to both approaches end up looking quite similar. But there is no doubt that load speed and simplicity from Shopify is a major benefit for businesses.

As with any website, its launch is the start of the journey – not the end. Take a look at the range of WooCommerce website services our agency provides, to help build an audience for your products and drive traffic and sales.

Shopify agency services available

Good ecommerce design takes into account best practices and fundamental UX – and adds to it. It’s not about reinventing the wheel, but instead, making it roll a little smoother.

Web, UI and UX design

We can support Shopify clients with website development, whether it’s a complete rebuild or a small modification to an existing website.

Website development

We’ve experience in integrating Shopify with ERPs like SAP. With Shopify, integrations are delivered through apps or the more traditional CSV file-sharing approach.

CRM and ERP integration

Launching a new site is the start of the journey, not the end. Driving traffic to your ecommerce website is essential. To help with this, we provide a range of digital marketing services for Shopify websites, from SEO and paid search, to content marketing and social media.

Digital marketing

Take a look at some of our website development projects.

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