Boat culture


Play nice.

Treat each other and our clients with respect. Say what needs to be said, but always say it in the right way. If you spot an opportunity to help or to teach a crewmate or client - do it. Be positive when it’s helpful. Be realistic when you need to be.

Work hard.

Talent is overrated - hard work isn’t. Always be prepared. Get the basics right. Go the extra mile - our clients will appreciate the added value and we’ll notice it. Clients should never have to wait for us - and they should never spot an error before we do.

Own it.

Everyone makes mistakes. Own it. Learn from it. Don’t make it again. Don’t make excuses. Never pass the buck. Don’t become an expert at describing problems and how unfair things are - use that energy to try and find a solution.

Be the best.

To be known as the best agency, we need the best crew. But don’t wait to be developed. Constantly find the area where you need to improve, get on with it and show us what you’ve learnt. No one is the finished article, we should be constantly improving ourselves.

Get curious.

Don’t be afraid to explore the unfamiliar and innovate - but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Make sure we know the next big thing in our client’s sector before they do. Being ahead of the curve ensures we stay relevant to our customers and their audience.

Enjoy it.

We’re all here to graft, but when you enjoy what you do and look after yourself you’ll produce quality work. Take breaks when you need them, don’t make working extra hours a habit and make sure you celebrate the wins no matter how small they are.

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