Brand guidelines.

Consistency is crucial for a successful brand identity.

One of the most powerful tools in your new brand identity arsenal is consistency. Imagine doing all the great work of a brand workshop, developing an engaging brand strategy and compelling brand identity but not having the right tools to implement it. A brand guidelines toolkit is key to helping to maintain consistency.

We work closely with our clients to conduct a brand audit to discover exactly where your customers interact with your brand. We then develop a visual identity manual that clearly explains what your brand stands for, why it’s important and how to use the new brand identity across every brand touchpoint.

The most common elements we’ll cover are your brandmark or logo (how and where to use it), brand colour palette, fonts and typographic styles, how to use any graphic devices, imagery and tone of voice. Brand guidelines will show you how all of these elements come together across digital and printed mediums. We will also supply brand templates for any key elements.

Brand guidelines are an organic document that grows and we will regularly make updates for clients to work with any necessary business changes or marketing campaigns. Our goal is to give you all the tools you need to implement your brand identity self sufficiently if required.

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