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Govox offers a proactive wellbeing solution via its mental health and wellbeing platform. Across three core settings (businesses, educational institutions and sports organisations), Govox helps identify people in poor mental health and facilitates connections required to offer much-needed – sometimes life-saving – support. 

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The brief

Having experienced phenomenal growth in the four years since it was established, Govox required a complete brand overhaul and accompanying website to better reflect its evolved identity and impassioned vision and values.

Having sadly lost friends to suicide, and the company founded as a consequence, the project was extremely close to the founders’ hearts. The new brand identity was to encapsulate everything the brand stands for: support, trust and helping make connections that may just save a life.

How we've helped

Poor mental health often isn’t outwardly visible but Govox is in an incredible position to raise awareness and help organisations spot those struggling – the new brand identity had a lot to live up to. And like everything we turn our hand to at The Bigger Boat, there’s reason and rationale behind all the elements of this refreshed brand identity.

We designed the brand icon to be abstract and represent the brand’s attributes. More than just the letter ‘g’, it’s also a brain, which represents mental health, an ear to demonstrate the need to listen and a speech bubble, to encourage people to talk about what’s troubling them. Plus, the continuous looping line is symbolic of Govox’s holistic and proactive approach to wellbeing – and we considered moving image from the outset for the logo. 

The vibrant colour palette is purposeful and counterbalances the difficult subject matter. Govox turns difficult situations into positive outcomes and we wanted to reflect this. We also created unique icons for the ‘connect, identify and support’ three-step approach of the wellbeing platform, as well as updated the overall look and feel of this pivotal part of the brand. 

We created a modern, streamlined brand that will support Govox’s international growth ambitions and, to protect the new brand identity and ensure its elements are used correctly, we also supplied detailed brand guidelines. 

It was important Govox’s redesigned website stayed true to the brand identity. For the headless build, we overhauled the menu structure for clearer site navigation, ensured calls to action were prominent across the site and incorporated digestible content that, importantly, very clearly communicates Govox’s messaging. The website now features resonating imagery of real people, while mobile-first design accounts for usability improvements and will help users better engage with the platform. 

The Bigger Boat’s partnership continues with Govox, as we help the brand in its mission. Our ongoing activity includes SEO and content marketing, social media management, email marketing and paid advertising.

Thanks to The Bigger Boat, each of our touchpoints now reflects our values and mission in a way that is clear, concise and meaningful - at a time when we believe our platform, and the support it offers, is needed the most. With these key pieces of the puzzle now in place, we have a powerful, impactful brand that will stand up to global evaluation.

Jonathan Bentley

CMO and board director, Govox

Our brand workshop with the stakeholders of the Govox team was essential in enabling us to create this compelling brand identity.

Doug Main

Creative director, The Bigger Boat

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