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Creating a new brand identity for a future-proof internet provider to ensure it resonates with target audiences.

BeFibre aims to deliver broadband exactly as it should be – no buffering or false promises, just future-proof internet at impressive speeds. Launching the brand in a very competitive and complicated market meant that BeFibre was on the lookout for a creative agency to help pin down its personality and distil it into a robust brand identity.

The challenge

BeFibre has evolved since its conception, creating the need for an exciting new brand. There was demand for refreshed messaging that would speak from the heart and put the customer at the centre, while setting the brand apart in what is an extremely saturated industry. BeFibre was on the lookout for a creative agency that could create a brand identity to help achieve three main objectives; to stand out from the competition, empower customers and improve their quality of life and create a legacy.

BeFibre aims to address the challenges facing broadband users using a bold, creative approach. When we presented a bold, creative and challenging response to their brief during the pitch process, BeFibre saw that our company values aligned and that we’d be the best fit for the brand.

How we've helped

We worked closely with our PR partner Scriba to deliver an all-encompassing strategy and onward journey for the brand. Firstly, we held a brand workshop with key stakeholders to uncover what’s important to the people behind BeFibre and learn about the problems it solves for its customers. We were then able to refine customer personas – defining the goals, frustrations, greatest-loved brands and most-used social platforms of BeFibre’s target audiences. 

From all this, we pinned down the brand personality, values and reason for being, which informed the brand identity and tone of voice (TOV). As an extension of this, we crafted brand guidelines, a content style guide and TOV guidelines that are friendly, relatable and a little cheeky, allowing BeFibre to create messaging that’s ‘human’ and resonates with its audiences.

Alongside simplifying BeFibre’s existing logo and removing the iconography to give it a really ‘big brand’ feel, we introduced a vibrant graphic language with multicoloured belines at its heart. This represents the exciting content and media that customers can stream into their lives using BeFibre’s full fibre.

But the work didn’t stop there. Alongside supporting BeFibre with its internal brand launch (including a brand movie to inform the team on the reasons behind the new identity), we rolled out the new brand to all customer touchpoints, from out of home advertising to paid social ads and everything in-between. Thanks to its new brand identity, BeFibre distinguishes itself from competitors while staying true to its values, mission and personality across all platforms. 

The ultimate goal was to evolve a brand that our audience can relate to, engage with, and are drawn towards emotionally. We want to be standout but without distancing ourselves from industry roots. Working with The Bigger Boat has allowed us to fulfil that goal - we now have a brand that exudes modern, personable, vibrant and playful - all the personality traits we want our brand to represent.

Sinead Gilbert

Head of marketing, BeFibre

It was really clear from the brand workshop that BeFibre wanted to set itself apart from other providers that promise high speeds and low costs, but don’t deliver. We knew from research that customers were fed up with all the fibs and just wanted some straight talking in what is fast becoming the fourth utility (aside from electricity, gas and water). BeFibre wants to do things differently and leave a lasting legacy.

Doug Main

Creative director, The Bigger Boat

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