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Deuren has designed and manufactured luxury doors from its Yorkshire-based workshop for over 25 years. After we designed and developed its new headless website in 2021, it was time to restructure paid search ads to optimise them for the new site. Following an integration of the Zoho CRM and the building of bespoke reporting dashboards for Deuren 12 months earlier, this data became critical to optimising our paid search strategy for the new site.

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The challenge

Following the launch of Deuren’s new headless website, search ads needed updating to optimise their performance and reflect the updated site structure and content. We asked ourselves questions such as 'which keywords drive valuable leads, not just leads?', 'what drives the revenue, and therefore what should we invest more in?' and which keywords aren't generating ROI?

But these questions can’t be answered using Analytics and Ad platforms alone - more data and insight is needed. We had a huge amount of historical data to call on for this client, but rather than focus on the traditional approach of conversions and lead generation, we wanted to shift to optimisation based on true value.

The solution

The integration of Zoho CRM and the development of bespoke reporting dashboards was critical to the success of this project. Rather than simply reporting on leads through Google Analytics or Ads, we shifted to reporting on ‘qualified leads’ and ‘potential order value’ in Zoho. Crucially, this provided us with a full understanding of which campaigns had historically driven value - not just enquiries. Access to 12 months of CRM data allowed us to make much smarter optimisation decisions.

After analysing all historical data at our disposal (CRM, Analytics and Ads), we created a new Ad strategy that better matched the new website and was focused on where revenue had been created. With paid search becoming increasingly expensive, the average cost per click is prohibitive and unsustainable in some cases.

By optimising for content and value, we were able to improve quality scores and landing page experiences for users, resulting in a better CPC and improved conversion rate. This approach led to many new campaigns across Deuren’s product range, as well as some campaigns being paused due to low ROI.

Deuren has very long lead times (six months or more) so being able to track an order from the first click on an ad through to the deposit is critical. Zoho CRM also allowed us to nurture those incoming leads by designing automated email journeys to guide users through their home-building or renovation process. By keeping in touch with those customers, we were able to optimise the conversion rate of the leads generated, further enhancing ROI from our campaign. Now, for every £1 we spend, £16 is generated in sales.

increase in clicks
increase in sessions
increase in goal conversions
ROAS for potential orders
increase in CVR
The transformation from lead generation to reporting on qualified leads and their value has made a massive impact on our business. Now, we can make decisions with 100% confidence that a campaign or set of keywords is profitable for us. CRM has enhanced our digital marketing efforts and boosted our internal sales performance.

Ian Chubb

Managing director, Deuren

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