Building a new website against the clock as an existing platform became unsupported and unsecure.

Due to the fact the platform on which its website was built (Magento 1) was soon to become outdated and unsupported, the brand was in need of a new ecommerce website on a new platform to provide an enhanced user experience and ensure the security of its customers – within two months.

A right result!


monthly return on ad spend.


increase in ROAS year on year.


saving in monthly ad spend.

The challenge.

FireSealsDirect required a website that offered an unprecedented user experience in terms of both ecommerce and content. The website was to build on FireSealsDirect’s brand, add value for a B2C audience, and be more efficient, up to date and user friendly.

Having worked with FireSealsDirect’s sister company, The Bigger Boat was quickly chosen to create this new and improved site, while also taking over paid search campaigns on a monthly retainer.

Originally, the website was scheduled to be built in 2021, but when we made FireSealsDirect aware that its current platform would be unsupported and unsecure in June, the decision was made to fast-track the site, leaving us with a two-month deadline.

We helped FireSealsDirect join the responsive web world. With a revised interface design, focused customer journey and streamlined calls to action, customers are now able to navigate smoothly and find what products they are looking for, even quicker.

Charlotte Allen
Senior UI/UX designer, The Bigger Boat

Our solution.

We designed and built the website using WooCommerce/WordPress to negate the approaching security risks of FireSealsDirect’s existing platform.

Our highly dedicated team of web developers were expertly placed to re-platform the site, while our design and content teams began reviewing and creating content and assets. While it was running smoothly, challenges are inevitable, and we faced ours when integrating NetSuite (FireSealsDirect’s CRM system) with WooCommerce.

The programmes needed to work seamlessly and automatically in order to save time and effort on FireSealsDirect’s side. Due to the sheer hard work, skill and dedication of our web developers, we were able to fully integrate the programmes (synching customers, inventory and orders - among other features) and build a brand-new ecommerce site, which enhanced user journey and experience, in just two months.

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