Ensuring website visitors and one-time customers become brand-loyal thanks meaningful experiences and useful content they can take real value from.

Useful, quality content that resonates with your audience is the beating heart of your marketing. Is your content currently working as hard as it can for your brand? The Bigger Boat is a creative content agency that prides itself on crafting compelling content for brands to demonstrate their expertise and authority in their industry, as well as establish trust and loyalty in their customers.

Why prioritise your brand’s content marketing?

A content marketing strategy is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It’s crucial to the success of all the other parts of your marketing and, ultimately, audience decision-making. Content marketing consists of quality, genuinely useful content that meets user intent – it considers your customer pain points and helps solve them. Put simply, your authoritative, expert content is a key driver of your search engine ranking and positions you as the go-to source of information among your audience. It’s about educating in the spaces you know your audience moves and interacts. And it’s a collaborative effort on the part of our writers, creative designers, SEO experts and marketing specialists to pull together campaigns and visually stunning content that impacts.

How we get your voice heard

It all starts with a deep dive into your brand and your customers – their customer journey, behaviour, intent and concerns. You need to be sure your content is relevant to your audience and cuts through the noise of the web. We take the results of audience research and combine with a content audit of your site, topic mapping and keyword research, competitor reviews, technical insights and data, and our detailed understanding of what’s hot in your industry right now. We then produce a content marketing strategy bursting with valuable, meaningful content to feature onsite and on other online and offline marketing channels. Whether your content marketing covers blogs, social media content or an interactive experience, or any other content mix, our writers deliver high-performing pieces aligned with your company objectives and your customers’ requirements.

Content marketing services.




A content audit is essentially a review of every piece of content on your website. Its results should feed into your content strategy and inform your content plan…

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Strategy and planning.

Strategy and planning.

Content should never be written simply for the sake of posting ‘something’. A sound content strategy sets out the path for content creation and explains the ‘why’ behind every single piece – and it all ties in with your business’s overarching objectives.

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Content creation.

Content creation.

Your content should work hard in a number of ways – but your audience’s needs must be at the heart of it all. We can help you craft compelling content to position you as an authority in your space but, importantly, provide solutions to your audience’s problems.

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Content marketing is the strategic creation and distribution of online materials to promote your brand, products or services. This may include videos, social media posts, blogs and newsletters – whatever generates interest, recognition or trust for your business. 

Depending on the effectiveness of your current copy, you can expect to see measurable results from our content marketing services within six to nine months.

However, content marketing is an evergreen endeavour. While an initial content audit – the process of thoroughly reviewing and analysing all your website’s content to identify areas for improvement and optimisation – can be completed in a matter of days, creating engaging content to captivate your audience requires us to keep our fingers on the pulse of your industry and capitalise on trends as and when they arise. Not only this, but changes in keyword rankings can mean adapting copy on a regular basis to increase SEO value.

A good content marketing agency doesn’t just react to change; it predicts change. This is why The Bigger Boat fully immerses itself in your industry and becomes an extension of your team. We take as much interest in your business as you do.

  • Provides high levels of ROI through cost-effective organic lead generation
  • Creates trust and authority in your brand by providing consistently useful content your audience benefits from
  • Engages your audience over a long period of time and creates long-lasting customers who are likely to recommend your brand
  • Spreads brand awareness and expands your audience
  • Refines customer journey and increases conversions on your website

Content marketing can be measured in a variety of ways and a combination of metrics is the most thorough way of determining its effectiveness. While metrics used to report content marketing may vary depending on your goals, we take everything into account to give you confidence in achieving ROI.

Brand awareness: website traffic; page and content views; social media mentions; referral links.

Engagement: scroll-depth tracking; blog comments; social media shares/reactions; time on page.

Lead generation: form completions; email subscriptions; conversion rate; downloads.

No, content marketing is not the same as SEO, although they do often work together to yield the best results for your website. Content marketing is a broader strategy which can inform and be informed by SEO. For example, a content marketer could identify an SEO opportunity in targeting a specific keyword and tailor content to increase search engine visibility.

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