User focused design, pixel perfect build

We start every digital project with a plan. We consider UX (user experience) and the client's objectives to provide the right digital marketing strategy. Whether that's creating a digital marketing campaign to generate leads, or developing a new website, each project receives the same level of attention to detail.

Read more about our process and the digital services we provide below.

Web design

We're a creative digital agency so we pride ourselves on the quality of our creative as much as the technical build. The design of a website plays a fundamental role in user experience (UX) and navigation, so it's an essential part of developing a new website. It's also important that a website is designed to maximise search engine rank and conversion rates.

We start the design of every website with a pencil and paper, we sketch out a sitemap and content architecture. Once these are agreed with the client we start the web design process. All key page templates would be designed based on the brief and target audience. The visuals demonstrate website structure, calls to action and UX.

Search and mobile usability are given close consideration at the design phase. It's as important that a site makes sense to search engines as it is to someone browsing using a mobile or tablet.

Web development

The effectiveness of a website is not just in the design. Everything has to be right - design, navigation, content and technical build. We have a balanced crew of designers, developers and marketers, that have experience in all aspects of website development.

Our web developers are involved in the web design process from the very beginning, ensuring that all the creative we produce has had technical approval. All websites we develop are built pixel perfect, so what you see on your proof is what you see online.

We develop websites using the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and use non-propriety open source web technologies, giving the client a scalable site built from the ground up with commonly used code. The front end web build would typically use HTML5, CSS3, SASS and Jquery.

We also use a tried and tested network of freelance developers dependent on the scope of a build, to cover and specifically requested technologies such as HTML5 canvas animation or .net development.

To ensure maximum accessibility and market reach our websites are tested throughout the build on all major browsers (Internet Explorer >7, Firefox, Opera and Safari across both MAC and PC platforms).

CMS websites

We build the majority of websites using a CMS (content managed system). CMS provides content control to the client after the project is handed over. A secure log in is used to gain access to an area where text, images and pages can be added, amended or deleted. 

Our preferred CMS is Concrete5 as we believe that it provides the best in class UX for clients/content editors. The 'edit as you browse' feature is always well received and the system as a whole is one of the most intuitive available. Upon request we will develop a website using WordPress or a .Net product, such as Umbraco.

Check out of portfolio section to see our CMS website examples.

Responsive Websites

Responsive is a term to describe a website that is built to automatically scale to the optimum layout for the users screen size. A traditional website has a fixed, static width that does not alter based on the users device. We believe that responsive websites provide the best solution to providing clients a mobile friendly website. Responsive means you only needs one website and one back end CMS, no separate app development or mobile web versions.

Recent global research has shown that 91% of people own a mobile and of that number 50% use their mobile as their primary source of internet. The proportion of desktop, tablet and mobile users on websites will vary dependent on the brand or company. But one statistic is universal to all businesses and brands - mobile and tablet web traffic is increasing year on year. So the question is not 'do we need' responsive, it's 'when should we go responsive'.

If you'd like to see a responsive website in action then check out our website using your phone or tablet. The proofs in the pudding as they say!

Ecommerce Websites

Successful ecommerce really boils down to the marketing classic the 4P's - product, price, promotion and place. Each needs careful consideration to maximise your ROI.

First you obviously need some products that people want to buy and they need to be competitively priced (that doesn't necessarily mean cheapest). Then you need an ecommerce website that ranks well in search engines, is scalable and is easy to navigate.

We build ecommerce websites using the popular open source CMS platform Magento. It's built from the ground up to consider search engines, UX and retail promotions. Magento has a massive developer community who are continually contributing to improvements, so developing a site using Magento gives you the best platform for growth.

Check out our portfolio to see some of our bespoke Magento websites.

We also look after conversion rate optimisation and search engine optimisation for clients with an existing ecommerce website. That doesn't necessarily have to be a Magento website, we have experience with OS commerce and Zen Cart also.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is great way to keep in touch with your customers and prospects, it's also very cost effective compared to Direct Mail. We can help you create email campaigns that help you build and maintain long term relationships with your customers

We design and develop email campaigns for B2B and B2C clients. So whether you're looking to sell more product or generate enquiries, we have a successful track record in both. Depending on the brief we can build CMS email templates, for the client to update for future campaigns. Most HTML emails that we build are responsive, so they scale gracefully to provide the optimal viewing experience dependent on what device the user opens the email with.

Our experience ensures that emails get to your customers (not blocked by spam filters), are opened and importantly, clicked on! In other words, drive traffic to your website and generate a response!

Like our websites, our HTML emails are designed and built in house. We test across all major email clients: Outlook, Mac mail, Entourage, etc. to ensure your email campaign reaches your customer looking and working like it should do.

We’re a RAR recommended agency, scoring more than most agencies in every category!

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