Analytics and reporting.

Improving digital marketing doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a strategic and adaptive process that takes time.

Reporting and analytics not only show us where your site’s strengths and weaknesses lie, and how we can implement meaningful changes, they reassure your investment and demonstrate the progress of the project with transparency so you can be confident in achieving ROI.

Why reporting and analytics are important.

Analytics and reporting are foundational to everything we do here at The Bigger Boat. We use data every single day to help analyse and direct all our marketing efforts.

We tend to view everything as part of a simple three-stage process: planning, implementation, analysing. 


Carrying out research into your business, your sector and how that applies to the services we provide. That might be keyword research for SEO or customer profiles for a social campaign. We then turn this data into a strategic plan to help meet your aims.


Once the research and planning has been done, we carry out the work and enact the plan.


Once we have implemented the campaign, we keep a constant eye on the data to see what effect this is having on your business. We look at how people are engaging with the campaign, the impact on ROI and whether we need to keep refining or re-build entirely.

We use a wide variety of reporting tools, from Google’s own to third-party tools such as AWR and SKED. With these tools, and of course feedback from the client, we can judge the ROI of the campaign and let this steer our efforts in the future. We welcome as much data as we can get from all sources – the more insights we can get into a campaign, the better. 

We’ll create bespoke reports for you to view. This means at any point you can log in and see what’s going on with your campaign for complete transparency.

Monthly reports on a campaign’s progress.

As part of any retainer campaign, we send monthly reports to all clients. They feature the key information and data for your campaign. You’ll be able to use these reports to see how your campaign is doing, along with details of the work we’ve carried out, the impact of that work and any plans we have for the coming months.

We’ll report in simple,  clear terminology and won’t blind you with technical jargon. Similarly, we’ll never hide from poor stats or mislead you. If a campaign doesn’t deliver,  we view it as a lesson. We’ll look at the data, analyse the work and create a new plan going forward. 

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