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Email marketing can be an effective way to keep in touch with your customers, and generate sales and enquiries.

What is email marketing? 

You need to stay in touch with customers and contacts to promote your products, services, or simply reinforce your brand. One of the most common and cost-effective ways to do this is through email marketing. Designed to perfection, with your style and tone of voice in mind, regular emails can improve engagement, achieve high open and click-through rates, and result increased conversions. 

Creating a successful email marketing campaign.

An array of factors play their parts in composing the perfect campaign. While you’re focussing on doing what you do best, a good email marketing agency does the heavy lifting and works with you to communicate your brand and reach your audience in the most effective way possible. List quality – A healthy list of contacts is vital to ensuring a successful email marketing campaign. If you bulk send a generic email to an old database, for example, not only could you fall foul of the GDPR, but you should not expect to achieve good open rates or a healthy click-through rate. 


This doesn’t just mean the hour of the day or even the day you send. A well-timed campaign that broadcasts on payday, or a company’s end of financial year, for example, can be incredibly effective. Timing alone can be the difference between average and great.

Subject and headline

While the percentage of users that click through from emails is typically around 5%, a greater number of recipients will read the subject line and headline, making them critical to improve the general success of your campaign.

The offer

It should be no surprise that an amazing 50% discount sale will have great click-through rates. However, you don’t want to be sending discounts on every campaign, so you need to get creative with your offers. 

Landing pages

If you’ve done a great job, a user will click through to your website. While the email has done what it was designed to do, that does not mean you should ignore the landing page. Review where you send users, test different layouts and ensure CTAs are clear. 

Test and learn

Try new things, do A/B split testing and learn what works best with your database. 

There’s a lot to consider when creating a successful email marketing campaign, which is where we come in. We take the weight, let your business focus on day-to-day activities and communicate your brand in the best and clearest way possible.

Email marketing services we offer.

Text-only emails are often overlooked. However, they are the simplest campaign type and can appear personalised, which may account for their success. If you want an email to look like it’s been sent directly from your CEO, adding authority to your content or offer, this is a great option to explore.

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The typical email format that lands in your inbox with creative assets, banners and copy. HTML can be made more exciting with animated gifs to add some motion to a campaign.

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Once you place an order on a website or fill in a form, there is often a transactional email that follows – for example, ‘thanks for subscribing’ or ‘order confirmation’.

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Once a user performs an action, you can send them an automated series of emails. In some cases, the user doesn’t even need to do anything and automation could be instigated through data such as a customer’s date of birth. Automation is all about maximising engagement, relevancy and timing, while keeping admin to a minimum. It can take time to implement, but requires next-to-no input once up and running.

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