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The Enterprise Team.

A modern literature and graphics refresh to attract a much wider audience to business-focused workshops.

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The Enterprise Team offers guidance for students and graduates (within the last 5 years) who need help to successfully launch their own start-up, pursue self-employment or become a freelancer. In particular, the service unit holds skills and business-focused workshops on-site.

The Objectives
The new literature needed to demonstrate the success of businesses that had gained invaluable direction and advice from The Enterprise Team to engage the target audience. Visually, the brochures required a much less corporate look and feel. We wanted to give the front covers of the brochure and TV screen graphics an overhaul to showcase relatable case studies that have been supported by The Enterprise Team. The target audience is current students and graduates of the university who have left within the last five years. The main objective was to engage with the student community and to attract a wider audience to the business workshops.

The Solution
We worked collaboratively with the client right from the very start of the project. Initial mood boards and brand guidelines were vital points in the process, to be outlined at the start of any creative project. We also factored in target audience, and case studies to plan a coherent structure before beginning the project. We wanted to better target prospective students and design was a big consideration here. We were particular in our use of palettes – with punchy, vibrant colours – and included photography that would align itself more with the students. We ensured consistency across all materials to give it a unified feel.

We provided

Client Feedback.

We’ve been able to gain a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ perspective from The Bigger Boat in terms of how we approach such a challenge, and successfully change direction, focus and style which could make a huge difference to our target market. Doug, Grace and the team truly understand what it means to set up a business, so when the opportunity came to work with them on this project, we jumped at the chance.”

Phil Clegg, Head of Enterprise & Entrepreneurship - The Enterprise Team

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