Website development.

Building a website is a lot like building a house – you need a solid foundation.

Your website is your virtual shop window, browsed by countless potential customers every day. The question is, how many will step in and make a purchase or enquiry? If you’re a B2B business think of your website as an extra salesperson, constantly generating new leads.

What is web development?              

Web development is the process of incepting, designing and building websites, as well as maintaining and adapting a current site to keep up with industry trends or improve its performance.

Why is web development important to your business?

The average user will spend less than 15 seconds looking at a website before deciding to go elsewhere or delve deeper. This means every unattractive page, unclear message and low-functioning feature on a website could cost your business a brand-new customer. However, a well-built website by an experienced digital agency could dramatically increase your customer base, brand awareness and revenue.

In addition, more and more users are using their phones to look up businesses and services they’re interested in, meaning that you need a highly responsive website that caters for various screen sizes and only loads necessary scripts to maintain page speed. With 40% of online sales occurring through a mobile device, and over 50% of consumers saying they would not recommend a business with a poor mobile website, the importance of truly mastering the mobile has never been clearer.

From a security stand-point, your website can act as a window or wall for your customers’ personal data – depending on how it’s built. Our websites come with SSL certificates as standard, along with daily backups of all files and databases. With our hosting plus package, we also offer monthly reviews and add security plug-ins to alert us to any potential threats as quickly as possible, allowing you to protect your customers’ vital information and keep your finances away from cyber attackers.

How does The Bigger Boat approach web development?

We employ a three-pronged approach when developing a website, with close communication and clear conceptualisation from our design, development and content teams. The look, function or content of your website can individually or collectively impact search engine optimisation (SEO), conversions and user experience.

Our design and development teams will get to know your business and understand your needs with thorough research and discussion. We have a keen focus on user experience and will work tirelessly to ensure your website attracts and keeps as many users as possible. Using clear calls-to-action, smooth and fast functionality and breathtaking visual designs, we help increase your website’s traffic, conversions and, ultimately, your business’ revenue.

Using popular content management systems, such as WordPress, Gatsby, Prismic and Contentful, The Bigger Boat fully submerges itself in your business and its needs before building a user-focused, high-functioning and easy-to-work website. While our development team is always on hand, we aim to leave you with a site that’s as easy to navigate for users on the front end as it is for you on the back end, allowing you total control of your brand-new site.

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