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Burhouse Limited is an online and shopfront retailer of jewellery-making supplies and wholesale jewellery. An already bustling business, Burhouse wanted to further its growth by improving organic traffic to the website and increasing revenue through online conversions.

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The challenge

When the pandemic hit, Burhouse realised just how important having a flawless digital shopfront is. Having worked with Burhouse previously, we approached its decision makers and explained that, for the safety and longevity of their business, implementing an SEO campaign was a sound business decision.

Burhouse’s site, built in Magento, functioned well and was a good source of income, but we knew it could rank higher and convert better with a dedicated SEO campaign.

The solution

We approached the project with a three-pronged strategy, focusing on structure, relevancy and authority.

With the absence of a traditional category/sub-category structure, Burhouse’s website relied on filters to categorise products. When categories are created this way, content can’t be added, effectively leaving search engines in the dark. We systematically worked our way through the site and added in a more robust URL structure, tackling over 200 pages in the process. Not only would this future-proof the site and allow for growth, but it allowed us to add a hierarchy, which is important for search engines to know how pages and categories interrelate.

Furthermore, by creating individual categories, we could then add content, update meta data, and implement a thorough internal linking structure to help search engine spiders crawl the site – an essential consideration of an ecommerce site.

Lastly, we discovered old versions and sister websites were still online. While this may have also caused duplication issues, the main problem we found was these sites had some very strong backlinks. The authority of these backlinks was simply going to waste. Instead, we took ownership of the sites, closed them down, and redirected all URLs to corresponding pages on the current site, ensuring it had as much authority as possible.

increase in revenue
increase in organic traffic
increase in transactions
Like many wholesalers, Burhouse’s site was filled with endless filter-generated categories, which needed restructuring and dedicated copy to improve rankings and organic traffic. While it was a mammoth task, the benefits of optimising the site’s structure and crafting well-conceived category content have been vast for the brand and we’re delighted to see such positive results so early on.

Ewan Burkinshaw

Digital marketing manager, The Bigger Boat

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