Major Golf Direct

SEO campaign to increase organic traffic, revenue & brand awareness.

Major Golf Direct is one of the foremost online retailers for golfing equipment, supplies and clothing in the UK. Having previously handled its PPC campaign, we were tasked with improving the organic ranking of Major Golf Direct’s site to increase sales and overall revenue.

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The challenge

The pandemic created a very unstable market for golf, with participation at extreme lows during lockdown and picking up immediately once restrictions were lifted. Having an organically well-ranking site could help the client survive the quiet period and flourish when participation picked up again. As a result, Major Golf Direct wanted to improve its organic visibility and increase its overall revenue. We began optimising the site and experimenting with UX and CRO to help continuously increase conversions.

The solution

The structure of the site was solid, with intelligent categorisation and a logical hierarchy. It was simply a case of optimising what already existed.

After speaking with the client, we began optimising a number of specific categories to get them ranking as high as possible in preparation for the summer season. We added to and improved content on these pages, including meta data, and reviewed the site before adding internal links to help with crawl budget and authority flow. We also carried out low-level link building to help improve the site’s authority.

In addition, there was a number of technical errors to be addressed. The site had over 120,000 redirect chains, which had to be checked and resolved manually, and several typical e-commerce issues, such as duplication and cannibalisation. These simple fixes – increasing authority, improving crawl budget and adding to the site’s relevancy – all yielded very positive results.

increase in transactions YOY
increase in organic traffic YOY
increase in revenue YOY

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