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Pipkits is a jewellery-making kit, designed to nurture the creativity of children, teens, and even adults. Founded on the concept of ‘make, wear and share’, children can create unique pieces of jewellery, and gift them to their best friends and loved ones or keep them for themselves. Pipkits also encourages sustainability with the reusable cans and boxes its kits are supplied in, which are perfect for storing jewellery, stationery or keepsakes.

The challenge

With such positively impactful products, Pipkits only needed help getting noticed in the cramped world of social media so that more people could learn about the kits’ unique benefits. This required unmissable branding, eye-catching content and a well-conceived plan. Having previously worked with sister brand Burhouse Beads, The Bigger Boat was trusted to create a brand-new look for Pipkits, tone of voice guidelines and a three-month social media campaign.

Given the experience we have with Pipkits' target audience and understanding the 'make, wear and share' concept, we advised that Facebook and Instagram were the perfect spaces for Pipkits to become active, allowing for shareable content from existing customers and inspiring potential customers to join in. Ultimately, increasing brand awareness and social media presence would lead to more clicks, conversions and sales.

The solution

Firstly, to understand the market and uncover effective ideas, we analysed Pipkits’ competitors and identified areas for improvement. This helped our content team write brand-new, and simple-to-follow, tone of voice guidelines, while our design team worked on a unique look and feel for the brand. We then conducted a number of internal ideation sessions to create a detailed three-month campaign plan we believed would spark interest, drive engagement and clinch purchases.

With a focus on how the versatile Pipkits box could be used after purchase, we inspired user-generated content, including DIY flower pots, animals and pets. One of the most important aspects of this project was to leave Pipkits with all the tools it needed to successfully run its social media platforms, which is why we provided comprehensive handovers and guidelines.

increased reach on Instagram in the first month
rise in website clicks via Instagram in the first month
Our team instilled personality into the Pipkits brand by bringing it to life through the social channels that would convert. We provided a home for the brand in the ever-growing social landscape and a platform for it to speak to its audience - and simply be social.

Izzy Massey

Account manager, The Bigger Boat

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