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Brand identity

Established in 1945, Casdon is a family business that creates top quality roleplay toys at affordable prices. Following a rebrand, Casdon wanted to get really clear on the promise and personality behind the brand. We were tasked with conducting a creative exploration to pin down its story, and also create its guidelines and playbook.

The challenge

Following a recent rebrand, Casdon recognised it had new assets and tools with which to present itself. However, some key elements were missing – how this new brand identity had been arrived at, and a clear summary of ‘who’ Casdon is.

Specialising in licence toys, Casdon works with global brands. Clear guidelines showcasing how to consistently present itself across markets are imperative. This added a further challenge to the project, as the contents must be translatable.

Having worked with us previously, Casdon knew we’d be a great partner in helping define the brand personality. Our integrated approach reassured Casdon that the right questions would be asked when gathering information from its wider business, allowing individuals to contribute openly throughout the workshop.

Our solution

Through a series of pre-workshop discussions and fact-finding exchanges, we took all departments’ objectives and requirements into consideration before proposing a plan of action. 

We asked Casdon creative questions such as “How would you describe your business to your seven-year-old?” and “If your business was a person, who would it be and why?”. These really helped Casdon get clear on brand personality, customer promise, USP, and hierarchy of messaging.

On the back of this, we put together a brand mission, vision, and values, and established a tone of voice. We also created a brand playbook based on Casdon’s new graphic language, weaving in solid rationale to formalise it, and ensure consistency.

Going forward, we’ll continue to support Casdon in maintaining and updating its website. This will include technical SEO and content, email marketing, digital marketing (shopping campaigns, text ads, and paid social), and social media.

Through their immense skill set and experience with other similar businesses, The Bigger Boat was able to pick up this project and hit the ground running. From initial enquiry, to brief, project scope, workshop, and deliverables, we felt informed and at ease that we were in good hands. Through their approach, The Bigger Boat immediately felt like part of the team and coordinated the workshop meticulously to ensure we achieved the right outcome for everyone involved. I never had any doubt that the team would deliver to our key objectives, however The Bigger Boat went above and beyond and this was certainly reflected in the feedback received from the wider business too. We now have clear brand guidelines and a brand playbook, which have been shared out to our teams and licence partners. We’re already seeing results in the way in which we show up in retail across the globe. Thank you, Bigger Boat, for all your hard work and attention to detail on this project – we look forward to working with you on more exciting concepts in the future!

Simone Inskip

Marketing manager, Casdon

The nature of this project demonstrates the importance of the strategy behind branding. Knowing why and how an element is being used is just as important as the element itself - it’s how you ensure meaningful design with real depth.

Doug Main

Creative director, The Bigger Boat

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