Designing a new website and literature to showcase a leading brand’s expertise and innovation.

UNTHA UK is the country’s leading industrial shredder manufacturer. The company needed a new website to succinctly and clearly demonstrate why it’s the leader in its field, offering cutting-edge technology and machinery for industrial shredding. We began with a customer journey workshop, which heard from key stakeholders and put UNTHA’s customers at the heart of the build.

A right result!


increase in goal completions.


increase in overall goal conversion rate.


increase in organic conversion rate.


increase in PPC goal conversions.

The challenge.

The site needed to be mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate and allow room to scale whilst also reflecting cutting-edge and leading brand. With ambitious plans in the pipeline, the team needed a front-end website and CMS platform to help meet their objectives every step of the way.

Long term, the company's goals were to track and measure more data to create a well-rounded comms journey for current and potential customers.

We wanted to go bold with our new website, and shake up the industry. But this was never about creating traffic for traffic's sake. With The Bigger Boat’s help, we’ve created a rich hub of multimedia information which informs, educates and inspires waste and recycling operators, and – importantly – drives relevant enquiries for our business.

Katie Mallinson
Marketing director, UNTHA UK

Our solution.

After delivering a customer journey workshop, which involved key stakeholders across the business, we mapped the website user flow with our design and development departments. Using audience insight from the workshop and keyword research, we were able to plan a website structure that would maximise search engine visibility and, importantly, deliver the functionality UNTHA UK’s customers required.

Working alongside our partner PR agency, Scriba PR, we crafted compelling content through design and copy to position UNTHA UK as a specialist in its field.

The outcome? An image and video-rich website that’s aesthetically pleasing and technically sound. Key features of the website include a “shredder finder”, which allows the user to filter by application type and navigate products with ease, and a resource centre.

The site also features product pages with a vast depth of content, including areas to house application information, resources, customer testimonials and a ‘pulse point’ animation whereby users can explore the machines in more detail.

The website was built to integrate directly with UNTHA UK’s CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, to provide end-to-end data of the customer’s journey – allowing us to further track the value of leads driven through a host of marketing channels.

Since the launch, we’ve worked closely with UNTHA UK’s marketing department to build a coherent SEO and PPC strategy, targeting specific application areas. Our strategy is flexible – we combine the business’s technical and industry know-how with our marketing expertise and quickly turn campaigns around to ensure UNTHA UK remains one step ahead of the curve.