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A good SEO campaign needs to be an all-encompassing approach to website improvement.

Over time, search engines have become more intelligent and can better replicate human users and judge a website the same way a person would. This means they now look at different (read: a lot more) metrics than previous years.

It’s not enough to simply drive traffic to a page through black-hat tactics. You have to attract the right kind of traffic, and ensure they have the best experience possible when they reach your site. 

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process whereby a website is optimised via a number of techniques to be easily discoverable and leave users satisfied they’ve found what they’re searching for. It’s a process that works hard to put your brand front and centre with your target audience. You can break SEO down into four main, but overlapping, areas: technical, content, links and UX.

Is SEO still needed?

SEO is a proven area of marketing that needs time and resource. Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) have replaced the traditional brick-and-mortar high street, and it’s now the most competitive high street on the planet. The click-through rate drops very steeply, and you’ll struggle to generate clicks if you’re in position five or lower. An area of priority for us is to dedicate time to those keywords that are already on page two, to get them working for you and generating traffic as quickly as we can.

There are quicker ways of getting traffic to your site, such as AdWords or paid social media campaigns, but the cost of these campaigns can add up quickly and can be fickle. Organic traffic typically has a higher conversion rate than paid sources, making it a sound longer-term investment which delivers a greater ROI. 

If you’re not investing in your website but your competitors are, they’re already ahead of you and you risk losing out.  

How long does SEO take?

SEO is a long-term investment. Consider your website as an asset to your business – an asset that is constantly improved, refined and perfected over time. It is misleading to think of a website as a static entity. To get the most out of it and clinch the sought-after top-three spots, continuous improvement over a period of time is needed. SEO is, at times, more art than science and it’s a constant process of testing, measuring and refining or replacement until we find what works for your site and niche. 

If you feel you need a short-term boost or want results a bit quicker than SEO can provide, we suggest having a look at a paid campaign. This is a great solution that delivers results at the click of a button. 

SEO services provided by our agency.

This can be described as the process of making sure your website functions as well as possible, and is built with search engine best practice in mind.

Search engines read content in the same way users do. They’re advanced enough to understand words, language and how words relate to each other. They read the content on your site to try and understand the products and services you provide.

Google rose to search engine dominance by reading and crawling the links between websites. Each link feeding into your site was perceived as a ‘vote’ and helped it rank higher. It’s more nuanced now, but links feeding into and throughout your site are still absolutely key to your site ranking well.

Any SEO campaign needs to start with, and be built around, the keywords. Keywords help give the campaign direction, targets and goals. As part of the auditing process and at the start of any campaign, we’ll carry out keyword research. But it’s not about going for the high-volume keywords in every scenario – there’s much more strategy behind it than this. Our sophisticated approach to keywords means we consider many factors and at the heart of it all is a detailed understanding of your business. This allows us to cherry pick precisely relevant keywords according to the correct user intent. We will also constantly review the keywords throughout the life of the campaign as we look for opportunities and keep an eye on relevancy.

Unlike other agencies, we consider SEO to be one half of the coin, with the other being conversion rate optimisation (CRO). There is little point in us getting traffic to your site, only for them to struggle to find what they want and bounce off again. Ultimately, SEO is a tool to increase enquiries and/or sales and CRO and UX are further tools to help with that. Search engines pay attention to the experience a user has on your site – it’s a more important ranking factor than ever before. That means UX and CRO must be considered alongside your wider SEO campaign.

At The Bigger Boat, we like to work closely with our clients throughout the duration of an SEO campaign.

How does TBB do SEO?

To provide the best service possible, we have to learn as much as we can about your business and your industry, but we’ll never understand it as well as you do. By working together, we can take your in-depth knowledge and apply it to SEO best practice. In our experience, the best SEO campaigns are those built on a partnership and work collaboratively. 

It all starts with an audit, which allows us to immerse ourselves in your website and business. From the audit, we’ll find where your site is weak and strong, before planning a campaign to strategically tackle the weak points and get your website ranking as high as possible.

How we help our clients

We work with brands and businesses from a range of industries and all sizes – from two-man band sole traders to multi-national organisations. We have the expertise and capabilities to work on lead-gen sites, ecommerce sites and everything in between. We always say to just drop us a line, then we can have a chat through your needs and the specifics of your site and industry and see how we can tailor our services to help.  

By considering the four main areas of SEO – technical, content, links and UX – we can strategically shore up any weak points in your site, bolstering it and helping it climb the ranks. We don’t use a blanket approach and will always tailor our services toward the specific needs of your site in the context of your industry. 

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