Crew perks

Why work for us?

Top-tier healthcare

There are few things in life more important than health. We offer each crew member Bupa private medical insurance to help keep it shipshape.

Hybrid working

Mondays and Thursdays are compulsory office days, but the rest is up to you! As long as the work gets done, we don’t mind whether it’s from the office or the comfort of your sofa.

Mental wellbeing

The Govox mental wellbeing platform guarantees we check in with every crew member on a monthly basis, while offering tailored advice and support. 

We're a social bunch

Lunchtime strolls, occasional beers, and a Whatsapp chat full of nonsense. It takes all sorts, but there’s one thing our crew all have in common - they’re a friendly lot.

Opportunity to grow

Talent deserves to be nurtured. Every crew member benefits from a professional development plan and a budget that can be used towards courses and more.

Top-notch technology

Your skills + top tech = the perfect equation. We’ll kit you out with what you need to produce head-turning work that gets results.

Your birthday off work!

It’s your birthday, you can skive if you want to! Take the day off or, if it falls on a weekend, book the closest Monday or Friday off in lieu.

Generous bonus scheme

Our commission and profit share schemes are designed to reward hard work. When the business wins, our crew does too.

Paid social events

All work and no play makes the crew organise a mutiny, or whatever the saying is. From trips to Alton Towers to stays in AirBnBs, we have a minimum of three annual paid-for company events.

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