To any business, profits are important. But they’re far from everything.

We know The Bigger Boat has the power to be a force for good, affecting positive change for employees, clients, communities, and beyond. We pledge to embrace creativity, give back to the community and charitable organisations, and be financially rewarding for our employees and shareholders.

We want to make an impact


Promoting and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace is paramount to fostering a healthy workplace culture that employs, respects and treats staff the way they deserve. We provide equal opportunity and pay equity to employees and job applicants of all sexes, sexual orientations, ages, and races.


By combining and valuing people with different backgrounds, perspectives, and skills, The Bigger Boat fosters diversity and a richer workplace culture. Currently, 46% of our crew is female (with a 50% female leadership team), and the ages of the crew span several generations. We have crew mates from different countries and of different religions, and ensure that holidays associated with these religions and cultures are honoured.


We want our crew to feel they’re safe to come up with different ideas, raise issues and suggestions to managers, and have the freedom to try doing things differently. To facilitate this, we host a monthly ‘All Hands On Deck’ forum where employees can raise and discuss anything they’d like with the rest of the team, and suggestions can be made via ‘Breathe’ - our HR software. And, to check in with our crew’s mental health and keep it shipshape, we use Govox’s mental wellbeing platform.


Our sustainability mission is to be socially and environmentally responsible in everything we do. We aim to conduct business in a way that does no harm to the environment, with a future goal of actively aiding environmental causes. Currently, we’re undergoing B Corp’s impact assessment, which will highlight any areas of our sustainability journey where there’s room for improvement.


From hosting creative support sessions in the local community, to sponsoring a sailor to help facilitate his dream, we’re actively engaged in supporting new talent and worthy causes. Annually, we nominate a ‘Charity of the Year’, providing free advice and services to those that need it most. Last year, we built a new, award-winning website for men’s mental health charity ANDYSMANCLUB and this year, we’re doing the same for Leeds Baby Bank.


Transparency, honesty, and fairness underpin everything we do and are integral to our identity. Employees have clear career progression tracks they’re empowered to follow, with bi-annual reviews to assess potential promotions and pay rises. What’s more, annual bonuses are automatically triggered once the business exceeds a certain profit, ensuring the crew is rewarded for hard work.

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